There are so many jumpsuits out right now. But not all of them work in terms of fit and comfort. This palm print jumpsuit does and it is one of my favorites!


Jumpsuits can be a little tricky for me. When they work -they really work! When they don’t- they really don’t!! The fit is key as they can be too snug or too loose.

The fit is key as they can be too snug or too loose.


You know even though it bugs, I’m an advocate of trying things on. Jumpsuits are definitely an item that require trying on. I also look at different styles to see which works best for my shape. This what I look for when shopping for a jumpsuit:

  1. Wrap or V-Neck style – This neckline usually looks great for any piece.
  2. Looser fit on the bottom – I like this so that I have room. Plus, it means I can sit and not feel tugging or pulling.
  3. Structured waist or belted waist – This creates a nice silhouette and gives some structure.

The tie back detail adds some structure up top.

I’m loving the fit of this Target Who What Wear jumpsuit. I has all three of the details I mentioned above.

The tie back detail adds some structure up top. That creates a more fitted look on top and then it flares out a bit from the waist down. It also has a V-neck style neckline.


I’m wearing a size XXL and you can get it here. My purse is also from Target’s Who What Wear line here. Perfect for summer! My sandals are from Target and are from last summer. Here are a similar pair here.

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!



  1. I completely agree with your tips girl !
    I’m all about throwing something on to make me look like I put in alot of effort, and jumpsuits definitely give off that vibe. I’m going to have to check this one out though, loving the print ! Nice post !!!

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