I don’t jump on trends too quickly. I make sure that what I buy will work for me more than being on trend. Some trends look fantastic while others look like a mess on me (Know Thyself)!

I did try a pajama top and I’m so into it. And, I’m plugging in some random facts about me in this post. It’s a two for one here. I posted the same facts on my Instagram. I figured why not share info here too?

And, that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post!

HM-Wide-Cut-Satin-ShirtI will cut to the chase. I was at H&M exchanging a sweater and came across this top. At first I was just drawn to the print. Who doesn’t like swans?! Then I saw the cut.

What I like about this top is the way the fabric falls. It’s super silky but not too thin. It feels great. I’m wearing a size 14 and you can get it here.

I wore it open here but you can button it up as well. I paired it with two items from Old Navy. My striped tee and jeans. My tee and jeans are sold out but here are ones that similar here and here.


Okay, so here we go with random facts:


Although my blog is plastered with pictures of me, I don’t really talk too much about myself (don’t want it to be the “Vivian Show”).


But…if you are wondering, here are some random facts about me:

  1. I was a roller skating waitress (I know that my friends & family are soooo sick of hearing about this) at carhop style restaurant. I still think skates are a super efficient form of travel!
  2. I was born in Canada but left when I was 1 year old. These days, folks ask me if I’m thinking of moving back.
  3. When I was a kid, I would tell people that my family was from Dominican Republic. People would then proceed to tell me how they love Jamaica (weren’t that many Dominicans in California).
  4. I played the part of “Reggie” in my high school’s production of A Chorus Line. The role was changed to “Reggelena” to be a female. Not a lot of kids of color walking around my school. My family’s response was, “hey, you weren’t that bad”.
  5. The feeling of being different all my life (evidenced by #3) has prepared me to work with kids as a school psychologist. Love it!
  6. I was blowing through the boxes of my kids fruit snacks so much that my husband got me my own box. I eat a couple bags a day at work. #truestory
  7. I’ve accepted that I have a lot of energy and passions (maybe it’s from all the sugar in those fruit snacks and my coffee). Now I just channel that energy into blogging and grad school along with the other stuff on my plate.HM-Wide-Cut-Satin-Shirt

Okay, as my family would say, that wasn’t “too bad”.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


What do you think?

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