The holidays are jam packed with so many activities, sparkle, and gifts. Then it comes to a screeching halt!!

I always feel like January is the perfect time to reset (and recover). Perfect time for a refresh. So, that’s how I select my outfits.

And that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post!


After all of the dark colors for fall and the holidays, I like to switch it up to brighter tones. If you notice in the stores, they are transitioning to spring too. So, it makes it easy to start picking up some brighter pieces.


Life wise, here are the ways that I the refresh button:

  1. Reorganize and clear out my closet (and home). Clutter makes it more difficult to get ready in the morning. It just makes staying organized that much harder because there’s so much stuff taking up space. I take the time every January to clear out what I am not wearing and reorganize what I still wear.
  2. Reflect on what’s worked this year and what bombed. Some systems to stay organized, keep up with self-care, and take care of my family worked. Communicating with my family, knowing when I just need to stay home, and cooking more worked. I will keep those. Some absolutely bombed. Leaving a big grad school assignment until the very end and dropping my gym routine messed up other routines. So I need to knock that nonsense off.
  3. Set new short-term goals to be completed by the end of the summer. Since I am an educator, I think of my time in semesters. I know when I will be super busy and when things will be calmer. I plan my goals accordingly. It’s realistic for me to get stuff done at a steady pace and when I have time off. I’m setting a goal to keep up the gym (shocking I know). Not so much for fitness, but to keep my mood and energy up. Even a couple times a week helps. My family will definitely appreciate that! Plus, I am setting a goal to start to slowly adding a vlog posts. Let’s see how I do!

Okay on to clothes!

If you follow me on Instagram (if not here’s the link @mixitupwithcurves) you saw my H & M sweater hunt on my story highlights. I picked up some slouchy bright sweaters that I will wear in different ways. I returned one that was just straight up confusing my family!


One of my purchases was this slouchy black and white striped sweater.


Love me some stripes. I’m wearing an XL and you can get it here.


I paired it with some white denim leggings from Hue. I don’t really care about the white after whatever. I’m wearing an XL and you can get them here. I added a pair of silver mules that I got from Tj Maxx. Mine are sold out. I linked a similar pair here.

Tell me, how are you resetting?

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


What do you think?

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