May is in the rear view mirror! Okay, here is a round up of the Top 5 posts for the month of May on Instagram. The “Mix” of outfits selected are based on follower feedback. The Color Crusade continues with a dash of Stripes! Yes, cheesey, but true.

Blog posts for each outfit (clockwise starting from top left).

And, that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post.

  1. Graphic Tank & A Blazer
  2. Mixing Gingham & Floral
  3. Graphic Tank & A Blazer (Outfit #2 in the Post) 
  4. A Cami & A Midi Skirt
  5. Mixing Stripe Prints  

Alright June, let’s do this!

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!

What do you think?

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