Okay, so as I have mentioned in my previous posts, I got a rule that I follow: If a piece fits well, I buy it in a couple different colors.

Why? Because fit is one of the number one reasons I wear an item. So if an items feels good, then I am more likely to wear it!

And, that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post.

img_6589These Old Navy Boatneck Tees are my absolute favorite! I own a few of these. This same tee, in a different color, was in a post here , here and here .

I’m loving that there is so much color in the stores now. Especially yellow! It’s a color that I don’t see out there too much. When I do, I scoop it up!

To make the yellow pop, I added some some neutrals. This Target Merona skirt is from last summer. It’s pretty basic which means I can pair it with all kinds of tops.

These flats! I don’t get into every trend out there. It depends on if the trend if comfortable and practical. These pointy toe flats from Target Mossimo meet that criteria. I love that I can wear these to run errands on the weekends.

…Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!

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Old Navy Relaxed Boatneck Tee

Target Mossimo Pointed Toe Lace Up Ballet Flats

What do you think?

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