Some books can be like a good friend that you can keep going back to.
 That’s the category that I would put Mindy Kaling’s book, Why Not Me“.

Mindy gets it. She had me laughing out loud by myself (which had my family concerned).
I love that she tells her stories in a smart way and from the perspective of being different. Better said, being unique.  I appreciate her perspective since I have always felt different.

Mindy hits those themes that come up in your 30s: friendships shifting, tons of weddings, dating, and finding your confidence. 

Here are the moments in her book that I made me want to give her a fist bump:
  1. Realizing that friendships inevitably change. Mindy talks about how your friendships begin to change as a result of life events. Careers, marriage, and life in general makes it hard to give and get undivided attention in a friendship. It is hard for your friendships to evolve along with your life. She captures how some friendships are really just a moment in time.
  2. Mindy nails that fantasy in your head type ritual you would go through, at least I would, when you first meet a guy you like. This is when you go from having a date or just a conversation to wondering how your first name will go with his last name. Then, it all fizzles out about a week later. Then the cycle starts up again! Don’t leave me hanging -You know you have done that nonsense too!
  3. How it kind of bugs when someone is impressed that you are confident even though you aren’t a size 4. Women who don’t fall into the size 4 group can probably relate to this. I know I can. It was refreshing to get Mindy’s take on hard work and confidence. Mindy makes a connection between feeling entitled (confident) and being a hard worker (which makes you feel like you earned this!!).

Mindy also gives some tips on style. Basically, get hooked up with a good tailor so an Old Navy dress can look like a million bucks! Double fist bump on that one!

So pick this one up and get ready to laugh…

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


What do you think?

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