Back in my 20s I would shop for clothes without thinking about how they would fit me.

I would stroll into Express with my coupon (you know what I am talking about). Then I would zero in on an item that I had concluded was “cute”. It was only after I got home that I would figure out if it fit me. I ended up buying a lot of nonsense as a result.

Now, wiser (not gonna say older), I really think about what I am buying. I pause to consider if a piece will match other items in my closet and if it is flattering. This process usually ends up kicking pleats to the curb.

Then I realized that there are different types of pleats. And, that balancing out your silhouette can make pleats an option.

So that’s what we are Mixing Up in this post!

The reason I stayed away from pleats was because of the volume it could add. Thick material and wide pleats looked lovely in the hanger. On me, it looked like an  Oompa-loompa. 

Cue some Micro-Pleats! This type of pleat is small and light weight. So, it doesn’t add as much volume to your frame.

Who-What-Wear-Pleated-SkirtThis micro-pleat skirt is from Target’s Who What Wear line. Love that it has a simple high contrast stripe print.

This skirt is flowy and fun. Makes me feel like I’m playing dress up.

 Who doesn’t like that. I am wearing a size 16.

I followed my usual combination rule of balancing less structured items with structured pieces. This denim jacket from Loft adds some structure to the outfit. I am wearing a size Large.

To keep the outfit casual and comfy, I added my Target Who What Wear tee. Love that it is a soft blush color to contrast with the black and white. I got on a Large.
And, yes, I am rocking my favorite purse (again) also from Target Who What Wear. It just goes with so many outfits in my closet. I like how it repeats the pattern of the skirt.

For me, the more versatility a piece has the better. That’s something I consider when I’m purchasing an item.

Also, I like to research my post topics. That’s the school psychologist side of me. Here is a post here by Refinery29 on Micro-Pleats. It has some fun ideas.

Who-What-Wear-Pleated-SkirtStyle Breakdown: Target Who What Wear Tee Here | Target Who What Wear Skirt Here | Loft Denim Jacket Similar | JCrew Factory Necklace Here | 

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!


What do you think?

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