In my book, big prints were the root of all evil for gals with curves. One reason was that I heard that big prints are supposed to make you look “bigger”. The other was that big prints were somehow super obnoxious and loud.

Last one, my mom would say don’t buy a top with a large print because “people will remember when you wear it”.

Now… I disagree with the first two reasons.  As for the last reason,  I agree..and I like that!

It’s how you wear the prints that matters. I’ve rounded up three ways that I do Florals:

  1. Pairing it with a casual basic piece
  2. Pairing it with a blazer with a neutral tone 
  3. Adding a soft cardigan in a solid color in a neutral tone 

I am loving this skirt from Target’s Who What Wear line.  This is a Midi length skirt with some stretch in it.  Only having a couple colors, including gray, in the print helps. I don’t feel like it’s over the top.

Florals give a little punch to your wardrobe.

I like to pair pieces that are very feminine with pieces that are the basic. This henley, from H and M, is pretty comfortable. So it brings the outfit down to feel a bit more casual.  The neutral tone allows me to match it up with different pieces. I am wearing an XL.

As usual, I added a belt for some more structure. The belt is from Target Merona.

Style Breakdown: H and M Henley Similar | Target Who What Wear Midi Skirt Similar | Michael Kors Large Smartphone Wristlet Here | Target Merona Watch Similar |

Now let’s try a top with a Floral print with a blazer…

This top is also from Target’s Who What Wear line. I like that it has just a couple of colors in the print. That’s makes it easier to match with other pieces. I’m wearing a size 2xl.

To tone down the print a bit, I added a camel color blazer

This blazer is from Target Merona. The blazer also adds structure to the outfit. I’m wearing a size 14.

Let’s Mix It Up a bit more…

I switched out my blazer for a cozy oversized cardigan. This cardigan is from Target Who What Wear. I’m wearing a large. This cardigan is from a previous post here .

This cardigan continues to be one of my favorites! It’s warm but not bulky.  I just wore this exact outfit to work (I work at schools) this week. It kept me warm!

The soft texture constrasts with the bold floral print.

Style Breakdown: Target Who What Wear Layering Shell Here | Target Who What Wear Oversized Cardigan Here | Target Merona Wool Blazer (in pictures) Similar | Hue Denim Similar |

… Because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!




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