Target Mossimo has some great pieces that are fashion forward while still being versatile. My rule is if I can wear it with at least 3 things I already own, do it.  Target Mossimo’s basics come with a little edge. That edge blends well with the rest of my stuff. And, it makes layering interesting.

That’s what we are mixing up  today .  

Target Mossimo recently came out with these thin and long cardigans that are great for layering. I like that they come in a range of colors. I didn’t have a cardigan in olive so was glad to get this one! 

Target also comes out with a nice variety of scarves every winter. I have been looking for a wine color scarf. Found this one at Target! I picked up a couple other colors as well. 

Style Breakdown: Target Mossimo Cardigan Here | Target Cami Similar in Sold Color | Target Scarf  Here | Hue Denim Leggings Similar | Michael Kors Boots Similar 

Sizing Up Target a Mossimo: In terms of sizing, Mossimo tends to run small. The sizing can be a bit inconsistent depending on the style, fit, and fabric.  I generally wear a 1X or a 2X. This cardigan is a large. So it really just depends. Try on potential purchases or be ready to return the item if it doesn’t fit.

Mixing Up Pieces: What I like about layering is that you can mix things up in different ways. I first think about the fit of the pieces and where they hit on my body. Then, I look at mixing different textures and colors for visual interest. And then, I make sure I will be comfortable. Usually thin layers work best for me as I don’t want to feel or look bulky. Once I got those areas covered I am good to go! 

I revealed my strategy for layering, now tell me…what’s yours? 

… because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! 


What do you think?

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