Question-Can you find items that are chic and will last at H and M?

Answer-My answer is yes and this is how:

I don’t shop at H and M all that often. Fast fashion is fun, but it isn’t practical if the pieces don’t last.

I’m 40 so I need pieces that fit with my lifestyle. Also, my goal is always to add to my current wardrobe. If the item won’t mix right in with other pieces, then it’s a no-go. When I do shop at H and M,  I am able to pick up some finds that add a punch to my wardrobe!

The range of colors and styles bring a unique flavor to my outfits. That’s what we are “mixing up” in this post. That’s what this outfit is about:

Style Breakdown: H and M Sweater Similar | H and M Scarf Similar | Hue Denim Leggings Similar | Michael Kors Watch and Belt from a previous post Here

In our yard with the results my husband’s handy gardening work!

Sizing Up H and M: Like I said, I don’t hit up H and M that often. If it’s not on my way home from work and I can’t get groceries there – hard for me to be a regular. But when I do get to H and M, I stick to certain pieces and lines. I avoid items that are right on trend. I want my pieces to last through the seasons. In essence, I want pieces that aren’t just flattering but also timeless.
H and M’s  L.O.G.G.: The L.O.G.G. line is usually pretty reliable in terms of quality and sizing. Runs pretty true to size.  I can usually wear a Large or X-Large without an issue. The sweater I have on is from L.O.G.G. in a large. It’s from last winter (see it lasted!).
This L.O.G.G. line, what H and M refers to as a “Concept“, has a nice range of henleys, tees, sweaters, shirts, and coats. These basics come in interesting colors and patterns.

Before You Buy Online: Be aware that H and M online is different than the store. And, that you can’t exchange an item you buy online for the same item in store. But, you can return online items at a store.

Other Stuff to Add to the Mix: H and M is also a good spot to pick up accessories such as scarves, necklaces, and purses. Just be sure to examine the pieces for quality and durability. The idea is to buy something inexpensive but not look cheap, right? Put these items on to see how they fall and look on you. Ask the question: will they hold up along with my other pieces? 

Mix It Up Color Combo : I like pairing colors in an unexpected way.   One way to do this is to keep the tones in the same family. This sweater is a deep jewel tone blue. Then I added another jewel tone with the scarf. I love this rust color! It pops up against the blue sweater. The unique color of both of these pieces is what drew me purchase them.
I am a lover of camel color boots and shoes in general. I love how they blend well with other colors and can be warn with dresses too.
For me, it’s about getting pieces that you can use time after time…

… because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good! 


What do you think?

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