The holidays are knocking at our doors! Eek, now you (or at least I do) have a dilemma…

  1. There are more parties and get togethers that you want to look put together for.  
  2. This is when there is even more of a need to stay within a budget to cover holiday expenses. So shopping is not going to happen. I know, it’s cruel. 

So here is what you can do- take a basic piece that you love (and it loves you back) and pair it with different items to match the event.

Prerequisite: make sure the basic you select fits you amazingly well so you just need to add to the outfit! 

I got on a basic sheath dress in a fall jewel tone kicked up a notch with a bright colored cardigan. This dress is from Target Merona. Love it! Super basic, comfy, and comfortable. I also like that you just pull it on, no zipper.

The cardigan is from JCrew. One of my favorites. It has a little ruffle detail on it. My belt is from JCrew as well. 

Style Breakdown: Target Merona Dress Similar | JCrew Cardigan (both looks) Similar | JCrew Belt Similar one & less expensive from Target | Target Merona Clutch Here | 

Mixing colors is a fun way to stay within your budget while looking fantastic for all of those events…

… because getting dressed (and living life) should feel good!



What do you think?

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